There will be no more One day all the pleasures of this world will come to an end We have heard, seen, touched, felt and tasted Yet refused to give up Affixed to this world We have turned to self Forsaken the love The salvation; a free gift Oh, what a pity! Eyes so blind Ears so deaf Touch so senseless Humanity suffers on and on The pain of disobedience follows generations As we play the blame game; we have gone away from His ordinance When shall we hear the voice calling? “You are not consumed Return to Me; and I will return to you Arise, shine! The light is here” Darkness may cover the earth and thick darkness the people But His love shall prevail Love that Forgives Love that Overcomes Love that Redeems Love that Endures Love that is Victorious Love that is Everlasting Love of our Righteous Father God LOVE UNSHAKABLE!

Inspirations (Malachi 3:6-9, Isaiah 60:1-2, 1 John)

HALIMA MARTIN (03/26/2020)

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